What Music Would You Like to have been on the Voyager Golden Record?

Following the Brandenburg on the Golden Record are court gamelan from Java, percussion from Senegal, Pygmy girls song from Zaire, Australian Aboriginal songs, Mariachi from Mexico, Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode,” Japanese shakuhachi. Then more Bach, Mozart’s Magic Flute, Georgian S.S.R. Chorus, panpipes from Peru, Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven, Azerbajian bagpipes, Stravinsky, still more Bach, Beethoven Bulgarian music, Navajo Night Chants, Early Music Consort of London, Solomon Islands panpipes, Wedding Song from Peru, “Flowing Streams” from China, a raga from India, Blind Willie Johnson, and ending with Beethoven.

In addition there were greetings from world leaders and a broad range of other people who recorded greetings. The languages are:

Akkadian, Amoy (Min dialect), Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Bengali, Burmese, Cantonese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hittite, Hungarian (Magyar), Ila (Zambia), Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada (Kanarese), Kechua (Quechua), Korean, Latin, Luganda (Ganda), Mandarin Chinese, Marathi, Nepali, Nguni (Zulu), Nyanja, Oriya, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhalese, Sotho (Sesotho), Spanish, Sumerian, Swedish, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Wu

What music would you like to have heard on the Voyager Golden Record that they did not include? Or put another way, what list of music would you want to represent all of humanity and human history that might be launched on a future Golden Record that would travel through space for the next 5 billion years?

Join the discussion on a chat room during the streams, register and include your suggestions, or email us with your ideas. We will endeavor to list all of them. please provide links when you can so we can all listen to them.

Suggestions so far:

From Students:

California State University Monterey Bay, Music and Performing Arts Department, class titled “Monterey Jazz Festival”


Imagine, John Lennon    

Carry on Wayward Son, Kansas   


Oh, What a World, Kacey Musgraves        

Glitter in the Air, Pink     


Why Can’t We Be Friends, War   

Bonnie & Clyde, Vance Joy  


Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

Lewis Del Mar, Painting (Masterpiece)    


Our House by Crosby. Stills, Nash & Young

Peace Throughout the World, by Maxi Priest  


Limelight, Rush

Everyday People, Sly & the Family Stone


Can’t Stop The Music, Village People   

Soak up the sun,  Sheryl Crow      


Sweet Child O’mine, Guns N’Roses

Livin’ on a prayer, Bon Jovi


Where is The Love,  Black Eyed Peas   

Firework, Katy Perry   


One Tribe, The Black Eyed Peas        

Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology),  Marvin Gaye   


We All Try, Frank Ocean   

Plastic, Jaden Smith  


What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong   

When you’re Smiling/The Sheik of Araby, Louis Prima   


Treat People With Kindness, Harry Styles

This Is The Day, The The


Let the Good Times Roll, Louis Jordan    https://youtu.be/66GJkwobMuU

On the Sunny Side of the Street, Louis Armstrong      


We Are the World, U.S.A. For Africa     

Africa Unite, Bob Marley      


We Fall Apart, We As Human  

Miracle, Rise Against  


2009, Mac Miller

One Rainy Wish, Jimi Hendrix        


Sign of the Times, Harry Styles

Vienna, Billy Joel


Broken Finger Blues, Richard Swift   

Lovely day, Bill Withers


Trapped in the American Dream, Terri Lyne Carrington & Social Science   

Long time, Playboi Carti   


This House Is Not For Sale, Bon Jovi  

Don’t Stop Believin, Journey   



70th Birthday Concert, Duke Ellington, suggested by John Clayton

A Love Supreme, John Coltrane, suggested by Christian Sands, and Juan Sanchez  

All You Need is Love, The Beatles. Suggested by PJ

Amazing Grace, Aretha Franklin, suggested by Christian Sands    

Aretha Franklin performance of Natural Woman at the Kennedy Center for President and Mrs. Obama, suggested by Bob D, Carmel

Aretha Franklin performance of “Nessum Dorma” at the Grammy’s

Bird and Diz (1952), Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, suggested by John Clayton

Bob Dylan, Blowin in the Wind, suggested by anonymous, Big Sur

Brandenburg Concerto #2, 3rd movement, Wynton Marsalis

Cesaria Evora, Live d’Amor (2004  Cape Verde), suggested by Christian Sands

Desafinado, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

Descarga de Hoy, Cubanismo, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

Conference of the Birds (Dave Holland), suggested by Nate M, Los Angeles

Ella and Louis, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, suggested by John Clayton

From Here to the Moon and Back (Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton)

Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra version), suggested by Ted G, San Diego

Getz/Gilberto, Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto, suggested by John Clayton

Gracias a la vida, Violeta Parra (sung by Mercedes Sosa), suggested by Juan Sanchez

Gözüm & Kulağım, Taksim Trio, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

Here’s to Life, Shirley Horn, suggested by John Clayton

I Have a Dream, anything by Martin Luther King, suggested by Christian Sands and Bob Danziger

I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton, and Whitney Houston)

I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor, suggested by Bruno C

Imagine (John Lennon), suggested by Ted G, San Diego

Kachucha featuring Ibrahim Maloof, Roberto Fonseca, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

KAULANA NĀ PUA, by Ellen Prendergast, Peter Moon Band Version, suggested by Larry K, Hawaii

Kind of Blue, Miles Davis, suggested by Christian Sands, Biff Smith and John Clayton

La Llorana, suggested by Bruno C

Latcho Drom soundtrack, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

Life Forum, Gerald Clayton, suggested by John Clayton

Mahk Jchi – Ulali, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

Medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World, Brudda Iz, suggested by Bonnie I, Hawaii

Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E min, Anne-Sophie Mutter suggested by Juan Sanchez

Mi Gente, by J Balvin, Willy William, suggested by Sasha

Mississippi Goddamm, Nina Simone, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

Moms Mabley at Geneva Conference, suggested by Christian Sands 

Monkey Chant (Bali), suggested by Nate M, Los Angeles

Music of the Spheres (excerpt appears on Golden Record), by Laurie Spiegel; suggested by Lanier S, Monterey

Piano Starts Here, Art Tatum, suggested by John Clayton 

Art Tatum – How High the Moon

Art Tatum – Someone to Watch Over Me

Art Tatum – Humoresque

Art Tatum – Yesterdays

Art Tatum – Sophisticated Lady

Return To Forever, Chick Corea, suggested by John Clayton

Rhapsody in Blue, suggested by Bonnie I, Hawaii

The Ripple Effect, Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabete, suggested by Christian Sands 

Rite of Spring – Igor Stravinsky

Secret Life of Plants, Stevie Wonder, suggested by Christian Sands   

Simple Gifts (Yo-Yo MA and Allison Krause)

Short Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams, suggested by Carl Chistensen

Someday My Prince Will Come, Miles Davis, suggested by Christian Sands    

Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder, suggested by Christian Sands    

Space Oddity, David Bowie, suggested by Christian Sands     

Time Out, Dave Brubeck, suggested by Christian Sands  

Tunga, Mamadou Diabate, Suggested by Juan Sanchez

Universal Consciousness, Alice Coltrane, suggested by Christian Sands  

Watermelon Man, Herbie Hancock (1962 and 1973 versions)

Well You Needn’t (Thelonious Monk)

Wonderful World (Lewis Armstrong)

Yollotl Xochitl, suggested by Sasha Z

How a Jazz Musician Found Family Stories He Never Knew, suggested by Christian Sands 

Sounds on the Golden Record

        Sounds on the Golden Record

• Music of The Spheres

• Volcanoes, Earthquake, Thunder

• Mud Pots

• Wind, Rain, Surf

• Crickets, Frogs

• Birds, Hyena, Elephant

• Chimpanzee

• Wild Dog

• Footsteps, Heartbeat

• Laughter

• Fire, Speech

• The First Tools

• Tame Dog

• Herding Sheep, Blacksmith, Sawing

• Tractor, Riveter

• Morse Code, Ships

• Horse and Cart

• Train

• Tractor, Bus, Auto

• F-111 Flyby, Saturn 5 Lift-off

• Kiss, Mother and Child

• Life Signs, Pulsar